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Clearing Mask
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for oily skin

leabul2e.gif (131 bytes) Very softening, very refreshing, stimulating.
leabul2e.gif (131 bytes) Brings rush of blood to the skin which helps push blackheads to the surface.
leabul2e.gif (131 bytes) For blemished skin, use this mask in combination with #R449 Mask
leabul2e.gif (131 bytes) For a salon "mini-facial" at home, we suggest Light Skin Peel prior to mask.

This "soft" non-hardening mask works wonders for oily or blemished skin. As you may know, blackheads are oil that has hardened inside the pores. This mask's objective is to soften skin and "break up or emulsify the hardened sebum by 1 minute stinging action. Then the mask settles down into a comfortable oily-skin treatment that leaves skin soft, smooth---readying the way for subsequent "drawing" masks. Helps rid skin of impurities and eruptions. Skin looks cleaner, fresher, smoother.

Clearing Mask's ingredients are designed to affect only the uppermost layers of the epidermis. Lubricants and waxes are used to offset the "shock treatment" of methl salicylate and juniper tar. Excellent to use this mask during the first few weeks of acne treatment and then switch to the drawing action of Problem Skin Mask #R449. Mud Mask or Problem Skin Mask may be applied immediately after rinsing off the Clearing Mask. (Use Problem Skin Mask #R449 when you are broken out. When the blemishes subside, use Mud Mask #R452).

DIRECTIONS: Apply to clean skin, it will "sting" for a minute or so. But, just relax. Be prepared to feel your skin surprisingly soft. It is recommended that a hot, wet towel be used over the face during the 15-20 minute masking period to help pores relax and expel the hardened sebum.

Net wt. 1 oz. Price $11.00 Item # R422
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