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Eye Gelee Concentrate
Eye Gelee

leabul2e.gif (131 bytes) Eye Gelee contains something for everyone.
leabul2e.gif (131 bytes) Collagen and elastin to fight wrinkles and to firm up the delicate eye area.
leabul2e.gif (131 bytes) Aloe for soothing and softening.
leabul2e.gif (131 bytes) A variety of herbs to reduce puffiness.
leabul2e.gif (131 bytes) A light daytime product to be used on the entire eye area, including eyelids.
leabul2e.gif (131 bytes) Eye Gelee applied very sparingly will soften lines and crows feet.

Our exceptionally light Eye Gelee nourishes the eye area with collagen, herbal extracts, elastin and mucopolysacchrides.

The herbal extract in Eye Gelee helps decrease puffiness as well as soften and protect this sensitive area. Eye Gelee is an excellent alternate for daytime use with our vitamin E Oil Stick. For creases or baggy eye area, use under Elastin Night Cream at night---or alternate under our rich Throat and Eye Cream, both day and night.

DIRECTIONS: A dot is all you need--pat in gently, do not rub! If you can see it on your skin, you,ve used too much. Don't neglect the outer corners of your eyelids.

Net wt. 1 oz. Price $10.00 Item # R212
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