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Beta Hydroxyacid Cream
Beta Hydroxyacid Cream

Now...BETA Hydroxyacid (instead of alpha hydroxyacid), for super exfoliation & texturing without irritation!

Many skins are sensitive and cannot tolerate AHA's. Beta Hydroxyacid (salicylic acid), in the proper formulation, acts similarly to AHA's but can be well accepted by fragile, easily-irritated skin.

This new BETA Hydroxyacid Cream exfoliates and texturizes mature skin beautifully... and can be even more beneficial than AHA's for problem skin, helping clear clogged pores or blemishes.

So for sensitive skin, Reviva introduces new BETA Hydroxyacid Cream; as an alternative to the Glycolic Acid (alpha hydroxyacid) Cream.

DIRECTIONS: Apply to clean skin using gentle upward movements.


  • May cause mild stinging.

  • Product not recommended for under eyes or eyelids.

  • We recommend "patch testing" on underside of arm for sensitivity before beginning treatment.

  • Contains a lesser amount of acid than glycolics or alpha hydroxy, so it doesn't irritate skin.

  • Achieves the same final results as alpha or glycolic, but since the removal of dead cells is not as strong, it takes a little longer to begin to show effects, even though it penetrates a little deeper than alpha.

    Net wt. 1.5 oz. Price $19.00 Item # B308
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