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Reviva Labs Skin Care

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Glycolic Acid Oily Skin Gel
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Glycolic Acid 5% Moisturizer
1.5 oz.  Item RG209


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Package Details
  • Does not-over-dry skin---helps normalize oil flow
  • Decreases skin "shine"
  • Skin feels smoother to the touch
  • Excellent daytime moisturizer for acne or very oily skin.

This gel offers a unique, proven approach to answering all oily skin problems. Instead of over-drying the skin surface, as most oily skin treatments do, this gel reduces blemish-causing bacteria through mild exfoliation while it helps normalize oily skin.

Regular use has been reported to not only resolve current blemish problems but to help avoid future breakouts. Also, it removes the "oil-slick" caused by sebum accumulation. New skin-cell tissue can now emerge, giving skin a smooth, supple feel and blemish-free, radiant glow.

In addition, this breakthrough gel shields skin from environmental pollutants, the cause of many skin irritations and break-outs. Can be used under make-up or without.

Glycolic Acid Oily Skin Gel contains 5% glycolic acid polymer (strands similar to the skin's natural polymer structure), in a natural, non-comedogenic (won't clog pores) base.

Apply very lightly on clean skin. A little goes a long way. May cause slight stinging at first. To get skin adjusted to glycolic acid, start by using the gel just three days a week at night, on cleansed skin. (Using our glycolic soap-free, oil-free cleanser and toner will aid performance). Gradually build up to daily use. If there is too much stinging, moisturizer may be applied over gel.


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