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MagicClear Acne Blemish Cream
No other treatment like it!
Same creme that comes with the System.

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Blemish Creme
Designed for teenage acne.
3 oz. Item M101

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MagicClear Acne Treatment Crème 
This is a wonderfully formulated acne treatment cream that comes with the MagicClear Acne System, nothing else like it. Formulated to work for all stages of acne in a unique way, without drying the skin because it treats the problem at the source.

A very special blend of Science and Natural ingredients to heal, soothe and calm problem skin. MagicClear penetrates below the skins surface eliminates bacteria inside the hair follicles the cause of infection (pimples and pustules). MagicClear clears out the hardened sebum (blackheads) that's clogging up your pores. No more clogged Pores, No more bacteria, No more Acne!

Generally mild non-inflammatory acne conditions are clear in just one to two weeks. And through continuous use, helps prevent future acne flare-ups.

Apply and massage lightly into the skins problem areas after cleansing, while skin is still moist. Leave on overnight. Wash off thoroughly in the morning. Apply an oil-free moisturizer after use. 


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