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Cream Hydratante
Cream Hydratante 

Hydrating Night Cream 

A very unique night cream that focuses on surface "moisture dryness". If skin your needs moisture nourishment, not oils, CREAM  HYDRATANTE is the very special answer. Generally, it's for young dry skins or combination skins who've lost moisture but are not severely dehydrated. But even oily skins with surface dryness (a common problem that most creams can't answer because of the incorrect proportion and type of oil) will respond to this moisturizing cream. Allantoin, one of
its main active ingredients, helps surface cells replenish moisture as it also combats the appearance of skin irritations, chapping and roughness. Chamomile extract aids the soothing and anti-irritant action.

Although lanolin and vegetable oils are high on the ingredient listing, this is a misleading: quantitive order since the major percentage of the product is purified water. The oils present are specially refined; and they are blended to hold water to the skin. The wax confines action to the surface, so that the oils don't penetrate deeper.

DIRECTIONS: Apply to clean face and throat with fingertips. Your skin will respond almost immediately to the marvelous soothing ingredients.

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