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Glycolic Acid Liposome Eye And Throat Gel

Two of the skin care's newest, greatest advances combined in a single "breakthrough" gel for the delicate under-eye and throat area! We know liposomes aid penetration of products, so Reviva has made it possible to transport wonder-working GLYCOLIC ACID into the sensitive eye area without irritation. And in a liposome, GLYCOLIC ACID more effectively blends into skin cells. Deeper absorption also means it can show exceptional results for the throat, yet it is so light, you can apply another cream over it.

The result? A new milestone in smoothing and diminishing the look of under-eye or throat wrinkles and improving skin texture and uniformity of color.

There's a fine line between diminishing the aged look for eyes and throat and irritating these delicate areas. But with our carefully balanced GLYCOLIC ACID formula in a time-release liposome, Reviva has perfected the precise balance that works wonders.

Use at night, just two weeks per month so the skin doesn't build resistance to it. Tap on gently under eyes; apply to throat with long upward strokes. It's so light, another cream can be used over it. Use sparingly, a little goes a long way.

Net wt. 1.5 oz.
Item G380 Price $15.00



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