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Reviva Night Cream For Oily Skin Night Cream For Oily Skin
This is probably the most valuable single item in an oily skin program. The comparatively few night creams that do exist for oily skin on the commercial market are mostly "drying" products. Ours is different. It does not excessively dry skin; but it does help fight excessive oil secretion. Its talc and zinc oxide ingredients absorb oil but are balanced by vegetable oil and lanolin so that surface over-drying does not occur. Zinc oxide also adds soothing properties and along with its cod liver oil and thyme, fights blemishes and calms redness or irritation.
Used nightly over a period of time, not only helps normalize skin, but softens and beautifies its texture.

Please do not neglect this most important step in an oily skin program. Smooth a small amount over clean face. Massage an additional amount on existing blemishes. Enjoy the new found softness.

Net wt. oz. Price $10.00 Item R315