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The Pro-Vitamin
Hair Thickening Shampoo

Guaranteed to add at least 10% fullness to your hair after the first application, this shampoo, with its mild botanical cleansing agents and natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids, gently and thoroughly cleanses your hair and purifies your scalp.
Ingredients List: SHAMPOO

8 fl. oz.Item  J00042 $8.50


The Pro-Vitamin
Hair Thickening Conditioner

Your hair and scalp are aggressed by an increasingly more hazardous environment and this super revitalizing conditioner provides them with precisely the type of complete nutritional, environmental and UV protection you need. Reinforces and strengthens weak, chemically processed hair, by infusing amino acids into the hair cortex.

8 fl. oz.Item J00044 $8.75


The Pro-Vitamin
Body Building Hair Spray

A unique and natural formula, this hair spray is a styling aid as well as a treatment ideal for all hair types. Thin, fragile and weak hair will not become dry or brittle with continued use. Protects hair against environmental pollutants, UV rays, and humidity. Long-lasting hold for even the most demanding styles.

8 fl. oz.Item J00046 $6.50


The Incredible
Revitalizing Scalp Elixir

This revitalizing, preventative and corrective elixir purifies and energizes the scalp. Helps free hair follicles of debris which inhibit hair growth. Biotin, Folic Acid, Inositol, Cysteine, (all essential to healthy hair growth), and hydrolized proteins help control thinning hair and excess hair fallout.

2 fl. oz.Item J00048 $8.50


Hair & Scalp Therapy 4-Pack

Buy all 4-hair thickening products. Comes in a special clear, see through
carring case for convience and to keep products together for traveling.

Item J00050 $32.00


Jason Hair Growth Shampoo

JASON's New Thin-to-Thick™ Natural Hair & Scalp Therapy System

JASON speaks volumes by launching a new vision of hair health for fragile, damaged hair. The latest advances in vegetal bio-technological engineering have been incorporated into our hair formulations to fortify and maximize the health of your hair.

Our New Thin-to-Thick™ Natural Hair & Scalp Therapy System is composed of four separate and unique steps which include thickening and volumizing products such as Hair Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner, Body Building Hair Spray and Revitalizing Hair/Scalp Elixir.

Each step operates through a hair energizing process and builds upon the other by introducing active botanicals, marine extracts, vegetable proteins and vitamins.

The entire system works to combat excess hair thinning and loss while encouraging the growth of healthier, thicker and glossier hair. JASON's New Thin-to-Thick™ Natural Hair & Scalp Therapy System offers the wildest spectrum of essential nutrients to nuture your crowning glory.



Jason Hair Growth Conditioner

Jason Hair Growth Hair Spray

Jason Hair Growth Elixir

Jason Hair Growth Pack
System 4-Pack

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